Multiple Scuba Hoses Recalled after Drowning Hazard

Multiple Scuba Hoses Recalled after Drowning Hazard

Multiple Scuba Hoses Recalled after Drowning Hazard

On November 7, 2012, the Consumer Product Safety Commission stated that Innovative Scuba Concepts, Trident Diving, and A-Plus Marine are recalling certain models of scuba diving hoses because they can burst.  Consumers need to stop using these products immediately.  

The hoses were manufactured by Li Chung Plastics Industry Co Ltd in Taiwan and imported by the three companies mentioned above in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Chatsworth, California, and Gulf Breeze, Florida.  

The products were recalled because the diving hose can rupture and cut off the air supply to the diver.  There have been 9 cases of the air hoses rupturing so far, but no injuries have been reported.  

Roughly 2,590 hoses are affected by this recall.  Innovative Scuba Concepts reports that about 1900 hoses are affected, and Trident Diving Equipment and A-Plus Marine believe 480 and 210 hoses are affected by the recall.  

All of the recalled products are black braided high pressure hoses.  They are about one centimeter in diameter and they come in various lengths between 6 inches and 40 inches.  The hoses attach to the regulator and show the submersible pressure gauge for the scuba air tank.  The hoses were sold under the following brand names: Phantom and Mesh Flex.  The companies used the following codes for the hoses:

•    Innovative Scuba Concepts used 11Q3, 11Q4, and 12Q1
•    Trident Diving Equipment used T0811, T0911, T1011, T1111, T1211, T0112, and T0212
•    A-Plus Marine used 11Q3, 11Q4, and 12Q1

The products were sold nationwide at scuba retailers and online between August 2011 and August 2012 for around $40 or $50.  Consumers need to stop using these products right away and contact one of the three companies for instructions on receiving a replacement hose.  The phones numbers are listed below:

Innovative Scuba Concepts Inc: (800) 472-2740
Trident Diving Equipment: (800) 234-3483
A-Plus Marine: (800) 352-2360

Source: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission




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