Three Britax Child Restraint Models Recalled

Three Britax Child Restraint Models Recalled

Three Britax Child Restraint Models Recalled

On November 12, 2012, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that three different models of Britax child restraints were being recalled because of a choking hazard.  The recalled models include the Advocate 70 G3, the Boulevard 70 G3, and the Pavilion 70 G3.  The models were manufactured between June 11, 2012 and August 31, 2012.  

The three models have numerous model numbers that are subject to the recall as well.  The recalled model numbers include the following:

E9LJ91A, E9LJ91M, E9LJ91S, E9LJ92E, E9LJ93P, E9LJ93S, E9LK91A, E9LK31A, E9LK31Q, E9LK32D, E9LK32Z, E9LK33Q, E9LL11A, E9LL11Q, E9LL12D, E9LL12Z, E9LG81A, E9LG83N, E9LG83P, E9LG83X, E9LG83Y, E9LL21A, E9LL23P, E9LL23Y

About 55,455 units are potentially affected by this recall.  The child restraints are recalled because the soft chest pad can be chewed or bitten off and pose a choking hazard to the young child.  

Britax has announced it will provide replacement HUGS pads to affected consumers.  The new pads will come in a harder material, and affected consumers will receive instructions on how to replace the pads.  If you want to view instructions on how to remove and replace the pads, you can visit the website for Britax.  

Owners of the recalled child restraints can continue using the restraint until the pads are shipped.  The safety recall has not yet taken effect, but the recall will begin shortly.  If you continue to use the restraint before receiving the replacement pad, make sure you remove the softer pad because of the choking hazard.  

If you have questions about the recall or want to request the firmer replacement pads, you can call the Britax Customer Service Depart at 1-888-427-4829.  You can also contact the National Highway Traffic Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline for more information.  You can visit the website or call 1-888-327-4236.  

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration




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