Serostim Lawsuit

Serostim Lawsuit

Serostim Lawsuit

A Brief Guide to Filing a Serostim Lawsuit:

The prescription medication Serostim is issued to patients who are experiencing a severe complication of AIDS known as "wasting," (extreme loss of appetite and weight). Serostim side effects, although plentiful, have not led to the filing of personal Srostim lawsuits --only two notable class action Serostim lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturer for deceitful pricing and marketing practices.

Serostim Side Effects:

The most common Serostim side effects are somewhat mild. They include headaches, enlargement of the breasts, swelling in the extremities, nausea, pain in joints or muscles, tingling feelings and numbness. If you experience any Serostim side effects, please contact your doctor, particularly if they are persistent or troublesome.

You should call your doctor immediately if you experience any serious Serostim side effects, including chest pain, rapid heart rate, nausea, infection, frequent urination or the feeling that you have to empty your bowels frequently. You must also contact your doctor if you experience any of the following:

•  Consistent swelling in the extremities are regarded as serious Serostim side effects
•  Stomach pain
•  Vision changes are regarded as serious Serostim side effects
•  Difficulty breathing
•  Seizures regarded as serious Serostim side effects
•  Vomiting
•  Excessive thirst or hunger
•  Difficulty breathing during sleep

You may also develop carpal tunnel syndrome while using Serostim. Please contact 911 for emergency medical help you experience any allergic reactions to Serostim, such as itching, hives, rash, swelling of the face, tongue, lips or throat.

No notable Serostim lawsuit has been heard concerning these adverse effects. Moreover, the FDA does not consider these Serostim side effects serious enough to recall the drug or justify further investigation at this time. If you wish to find a lawyer to represent you in a Serostim lawsuit regarding the development of diabetes, keep in mind that this risk is warned against in product information. Litigation of this kind, therefore, is unlikely to result in a settlement.

Unless future studies demonstrate that previously unreported serious Serostim side effects increase the risk of taking this medication, it will be difficult to advance litigation. If you wish to have the viability of your Serostim lawsuit evaluated, locate a pharmaceutical attorney willing to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your—consultations are typically free. Patients should also conduct research to see if class action litigation is already being advanced on behalf of people with similar negative responses to the drug not warned against in prescription information. If your case is similar enough, you may be added to the list of plaintiffs eligible for compensation obtained through a Serostim lawsuit.

Serostim Lawsuit History:

In 2005, the federal government resolved a Serostim lawsuit by negotiating a $704 million settlement payable to federal and state governments. The lawsuit charged that the medication was aggressively marketed for uses other than AIDS wasting. Regardless of potential Serostim side effects, advertising non-FDA-approved uses for a medication is against the law.

As a result of its investigation, the Justice Department concluded that 85% of prescriptions written for the medication were for off-label uses. The second suit, filed by private insurance firms and consumers, ended with the creation of a $24 million settlement--funds were set aside to compensate private purchasers who were charged inflated prices.

Following the resolution of these Serostim lawsuits, the drug has not been the subject of further litigation. That being said, if you feel that you were wrongly administered the drug, you may seek aid in the form of a pharmaceutical attorney for the purpose of filing a Serostim lawsuit. To file successful Serostim lawsuits, you must definitively prove that either your prescribing doctor was negligent in prescribing the drug (if filing a medical negligence Serostim lawsuit) or the drug directly yielded severe side effects (these Serostim lawsuits are filed against the manufacturer).










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