Allegra Lawsuit

Allegra Lawsuit

Allegra Lawsuit

What is Allegra?

Allegra, which utilizes Fexofenadine, is used to relieve the allergy symptoms associated with seasonal allergic rhinitis (or hay fever), including sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, itching of the nose, rood the mouth or throat. Allegra may be used by adults and children 2 years of age and older.

Allegra is also used to relieve symptoms of urticarial, including rash and itching in adults and children 6 months of age and older. Allegra belongs to a class of medications called antihistamines; the drug works by blocking the effects of histamine, which is a substance in the body that harbors and causes allergy symptoms.

Allegra comes in both tablet and liquid form; both types of Allegra are taken orally, once or twice a day. Allegra always works best if taken with water; combining the drug with fruit juices (apple, grape, orange etc.) decreases the body’s ability to absorb it.
Misuse of Allegra will result in the formation of Allegra side effects. Allegra side effects are not severe; however, they can be insufferable. To avoid the development of Allegra side effects you must follow the instructions provided on your prescription label or those outlined on the drug’s packaging.

Allegra Side Effects:

Please tell your doctor if any of these Allegra side effects are severe or persistent:

• Headaches and dizziness are common Allegra side effects

• Diarrhea, vomiting and pain in the arms, back or legs are regarded as Allegra side effects

• Pain in the legs, back or arms and pain during the menstrual period are deemed as Allegra side effects

Some Allegra side effects may be regarded as serious. If you experience any severe Allegra side effects, please contact your medical provider or doctor immediately:

• Hives, rashes and itching are deemed severe Allegra side effects

• Difficulty swallowing or breathing are classified as severe Allegra side effects

• Difficulty breathing or swallowing and swelling of the throat, face, tongue, eyes, lips, hands, ankles, feet or lower legs are all classified as severe Allegra side effects.

Allegra may cause other adverse reactions. Please call your doctor if you experience any unusual problems when on this medication. If you experience severe Allegra side effects, you or your medical professional can file a report with the Food and Drug Administration’s MedWatch Adverse program online at or by phone at 1-800-332-1088.

Allegra Lawsuits:

Allegra lawsuits refer to a legal action taken against the drug’s manufacturer, Sanofi, against a prescribing doctor or against a marketing company for falsely advertising the program. Allegra lawsuits, because of the drug’s relatively tame side effects, are extremely rare. If filed, an Allegra lawsuit will seek Allegra settlements for severe side effects, medical conditions or injuries sustained as a result of Allegra use.
There are currently no class action Allegra lawsuits against Sanofi. Moreover, there are very FDA warnings or regulations attached to the drug. That being said, if you or a loved one developed a rare medical condition because of Allegra use, you should seek an experienced drug or malpractice lawyer to discuss your legal options. If, by chance, the legal professional views your case as legitimate, he or she will initiate an Allegra lawsuit in hopes of securing a settlement for whatever expenses you incurred because of the condition. Allegra settlements may award you compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages as a result of missed work and/or funds to offset medical expenses.



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