Chantix Lawsuit

Chantix Lawsuit

Chantix Lawsuit

A Brief Guide to Filing a Chantix lawsuit

Chantix Side Effects and FDA Warnings:

First approved to help smokers quit in 2006, the prescription medication Chantix has become controversial due to many reports of adverse effects. Most high-profile reports of serious Chantix side effects concerned either suicidal urges or psychological effects such as aggression, of which the patient had no memory and behavioral changes.

In 2009, the FDA issued a warning regarding the drug's safety. The agency noted that during its review of Chantix side effects, it found reports of 98 suicides and 188 attempted suicides among users. Manufacturer Pfizer was ordered to add a "black box warning" noting that use of the medication could lead to suicidal thoughts, fixations or attempts.

Along with these documented side effects, many people have filed a Chantix lawsuit regarding blackouts, disorientation and similar psychological responses. In 2011, the FDA issued a warning stating Chantix side effects included a slight increased risk of heart attacks and similar events in patients who already have cardiovascular problems. Some patients have also claimed that diabetes developed during or after use of the drug.

Chantix Lawsuits:

Due to the volume of this litigation, the Northern District Court of Alabama was appointed to handle all similar cases. Multidistrict litigation puts one court in charge of expediting the processing of multiple trials relating to the same complaint. Since no Chantix lawsuit has reached trial, the volume of cases waited to be heard lacks precedent. Eight cases have been chosen to serve as test cases. The outcome of these trials will help establish guidelines for the resolution of any Chantix lawsuit heard afterward.

The first of these trials regarding Chantix side effects will convene in October 2012. There are two main types of Chantix lawsuits: the first four cases will deal with psychological Chantix side effects, while the other half will concern instances of suicide. It is possible for people with similar complaints to file a Chantix lawsuit that will be added to these multidistrict litigation proceedings.

Anyone who experiences serious Chantix side effects resembling those described above can explore litigation. To ensure the statute of limitations does not expire, you must file your Chantix lawsuit as soon as possible.

Patients with documentation of their Chantix side effects should find an attorney in their area to speak with as soon as possible. Witness statements of strange behavior, physician's reports regarding mood changes, hospital records relating to suicide attempts and copies of your prescription are all pieces of evidence that will be useful in securing a Chantix settlement.


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